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The Left-Handed Book

The Left-handed Book - How to get by in a right-handed world
-Simon Langford

Ostin kirjan muistaakseni vuoden 1995 matkallani Lontoosta, Anything Left-handed -kaupasta.

Kirjan takakannen tekstiä:

"The forgotten minority...
About one in ten people are left-handed. When the rest of society have not been putting them down (by using such pejorative terms as "sinister", "gauche" and "cack-handed"), left-handed people have suffered many inconveniences from living in an unthinkingly right-handed world.

In most countries, writing goes from left to right. Traditionally, simple tools like scissors and can-openers have been designed for right-handed people. And so left-handed people have constituted a forgotten minority - sometimes ridiculed and more often ignored.

The Left-handed Book puts left-handedness in a historical context and discusses why some people are left-handed and what it will mean to them. Simon Langford looks at religion, devil-worship, palmistry and their implications for left-handedness. He also deals with writing, sport, and many other fields - including a section on how to get left-handed people to have to use right-handed tools, whether in the kitchen, in the garden or anywhere else. The Left-handed Book puts the case for the forgotten minority..."

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